Whether it’s your first time to Africa or Botswana, or not, you’re probably ready to submerge yourself into the real wilderness. To experience the real Africa instead of admiring it from the back of the Overlander or Jeep. To step into the footprints of wild animals and become one with nature. To see what will happen that day, to search and find the tracks of for instance an elephant and then be able to follow it. You will feel the adrenaline pulsing through your veins when you can finally look him in the eye from a short distance. And then let him be the one to move on.

If you’re not able to follow the entire training. Or if you want to experience what it’s like to be trained as a safari walking guide, or if you want to experience Africa from a different perspective, then you’ve found the right place to go to. We’re the only supplier of weekly modules which makes an easy combination with your travels through the other parts of Southern Africa. And if you’ve really gotten a taste for it, you can always return and finish the program.

There are two ways to participate in the Trails Guide Experience. You can join a regular training group of participants who follow the entire professional training. Or you can join a separate ‘experience group’ of people just like you who are adventurous and exploring by nature. In both cases you’ll find out what it’s like to immerse yourself in nature, both literally and figuratively. Your choice depends on your own preferences and the groups’ availability.

The Trails Guide Experience is, of course, a wonderful part of your holiday. But it’s also a formal training, so we do expect you to have a proactive attitude towards learning. This isn’t a safari where you can sit back and relax – you have to commit yourself to actively gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

The first few days are used to get acquainted with the various routines in our camp. The trainer and back up guide will guide you into the bush on foot, by Landcruiser, mokoro or boat. In this way you’ll get to know the camp, the staff and the other participants in a short period of time. We’ll also introduce you to the rules of safely handling a rifle.

On day three, we usually divide the group in pairs. Together you can find out what it’s like to be a lead guide and a back up guide. We handle the ‘learning by doing’ principle. You and your teammate decide on what the complete program for the next two days will be: what time do we get up in the morning, where will we go, what kind of transportation are we going to use, how long are we going to stay away etc.? This is quite a task, because you have to plan, navigate, search for tracks, ensure safety, share information and be entertaining to boot. And there will always be that one thing you forgot while you were preparing. But that’s exactly what makes this Trails Guide Experience so interesting.

We won’t expect you to do everything perfectly, instead we’ll turn everything into a mutual learning experience. It goes without saying that everything will be carried out safely. The instructor and the back up guide are always present and at the slightest sign of danger or doubt they’ll take control to ensure the safety of both participants and animals.

Please send us an email if you want to know which option suits you best and if there is a free spot.


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