These are the stories of talented local students who we offer a free spot in one of our training groups. The price of a regular training includes a small surcharge to finance these sponsored spots. Students who are able to follow this training will become better guides, both in knowledge and in skills and will be able to accelerate their careers compared to their peers.

Pusa (Botswanian, age 23)


My name is Pusa. I am a guide in Kasane in the Northern part of Botswana. I want to be a certified guide, because I want to show my beautiful homeland to people from other countries in the world.

I love all animals, especially impala, they are my favorite. In this course I have learned a great deal from our trainer Mike, but also from my fellow students. They have told me about their lives and families in Europe and how they live there. For me this makes it much easier to understand why people come to Botswana and what they want to see and learn. I think this will make me a better guide in the future.

One moment in the course, we came so close to an elephant that I thought my last moment had arrived, but the trainer said the bull was very relaxed. The elephant just looked at us and then he moved on into the Mopane forest. I think this was the best and the most exciting day of our stay.

Kenny (Botswanian, age 28)


I am Kenny. I work as a mokoro poler in the Delta. I have done two trainings in two months in the Delta. It was great to spend so much time with other people who also love the bush.

Because I am Hambukushu I am really happy when I am around the water of the Delta. I liked studying together and teaching the European people about tracking and navigation.

I also had an opportunity to improve my English skills with them. In the bush as students we are all the same. It is good to know there are people in Europe who love my country just like I do.