Imagine this: an area with crystal clear water, endless fields of water lilies, reed and papyrus interspersed with grasslands that are covered with termite hills in incredible sizes and shapes. Then imagine the occasional grazing herds of hundreds of buffaloes and zebras, groups of elephants and a huge variety of antelope. That’s the area we’re talking about.

You can check out the satellite images on Google Maps by filling out our GPS coordinates: 19°53’58,29’’ South /  23°8’19,38’’ East.

Our Camp is a Big Five-area covering several hundreds of square miles. This unspoiled area is known for its wide variety of habitats: savannahs, Mopane forests, grass and swamplands, wetlands, lagoons and small rivers.


The camp we’re staying at is located along the banks of a seasonal river, in the southern part of the Okavango Delta. It’s the only camp in the Delta you can enter by car, not just by plane. That is, if you know your ‘way’ around.

Because of that it’s relatively easy to transport people, fuel, food and other supplies to camp and take our garbage back in Maun.

Our camp sits right next to the riverbank, under a few big Mangosteen trees that offer the necessary shade and coolness during the day. The accommodation consists of large 3m by 4m tents with en-suite shower amenities and flushing toilets.

There’s also a big communal tent where we can study and have our meals. There’s a separate area for the bush kitchen where our cook prepares sublime meals prepared over a wood fire. This will be your home during your guide training – a place you’ll never forget!