Here are some questions former participants have already asked. See if there are any answers that are useful to you. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Do I have to take malaria pills?

You’re not obliged to do anything. The decision whether or not to take malaria pills is one you have to make yourself. In Maun there haven’t been any reports of malaria for the last few years. Our training camp is miles away from the civilized world, so there’s only a small chance that there are any malaria mosquitos. We advise you to always opt for safety, contact your local health center and, while you’re there, check if there are any other types of vaccination you might need.

Is it dangerous?

Botswana is very, very different than Europe. The Delta is reigned by nature, which means that the animals that live there always have their right of way. We’re visiting their territory and they allow us to become part of their world. Your safety is mainly determined by your own behavior. When you become a participant in our course, the first things you’ll find are your inabilities. You’ll quickly become aware of all the things you don’t know and are incapable of. That’s a good thing, because safety is based on caution.

On walks outside the camp, we’ll bring a rifle for safety. This is NOT for hunting purposes, but to protect us in case of an emergency, for example when animals don’t appreciate our presence. Up until now, we have never been forced to use our rifle.

There’s also safety in small matters. The absence of a hippo in the river yesterday doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the river today. Also, checking your shoes every morning, for example, may prevent a painful encounter with a scorpion.

How far is the nearest doctor?

There’s a doctor in Maun. You can get there in 3.5 hours by car, but, in emergency situations, a helicopter can get you to a hospital in half an hour. Also, all instructors and guides hold extensive First Aid Certificates and there’s always a fully stocked First Aid kit at hand.

If you have any questions, please send us an email.